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Still going to Disney

editors note: You will notice that some words are crossed out and replaced with “holiday”. Malia mentioned a while back that she would like to “go on holiday.” It took me a moment and realized that she got this phrase from Charlie & Lola (great children’s cartoon) and I love this saying. So I’m trying to stick with saying Holiday. It sounds so much more fun. By the way, she also says “money pinger” instead of cash register.

We are still going to make it to Disney World. Through all of the roller coaster rides with my mom fighting her cancer we decided that it would make my mom happier if we went on with our vacation holiday plans. I figured that it would be a good topic of discussion and I wouldn’t want her to feel bad if we cancelled. My friend Paige said that we all need Disney! We need it and my mom needs it as well! Since Paige is a professional…I believe her.

We haven’t done tooo much in the planning department. I got some spf and we need a few more things but we are just ready to go see Disney through Malia’s eyes. I can’t wait for her to see Peter Pan and Hook. And the princesses. Oh my God THE PRINCESSES! I figure that once treatment begins and things are progressing then I can get more excited about the trip going on holiday and make more plans. We don’t want to bog the day down with a ton of activities. We’ll try to go with the flow and make sure we see the important things. But I think Malia will also want to swim in the pool at the hotel! Like Lola says, Easy breezy lemon peasy!

Oh I did get the custom made dress from CourtneyCourtney yesterday. She did it again! A beautiful creation made by hand. It has Cinderella’s castle on the front and back of it and has bright beautiful colors. Absolutely perfect! I can’t even believe I put a link on here to her site - I like to keep her as my little secret. So thank you Courtney, you sparked some excitement for our Disney Birthday celebration!


69 days!

It’s official - we’re headed to Disney World on October 21st! It’s exciting and scary at the same time. It’s exciting for the obvious reasons…our first family vacation, Malia’s 4th birthday, Malia’s first plane ride and did I mention that it’s Disney?

It’s scary because we need to save money in such a short time and in this economic time - it’s difficult. It’s also scary because of the plane ride. I never used to be afraid of flying, but now I am. I will have time to work on it and I will be better because it’s Malia’s first time and I have to be brave for her (and Doug)! But all in all I’m sure it will be worth it. Money is money and we will survive. I keep reminding myself of that. There is plenty to look forward to.

Now for the fun stuff - We’re staying at the Disney Caribbean Resort. It looks like a nice place at a reasonable price. We have the Pirate room and hopefully Malia will be thrilled to be sleeping in a pirate ship bed. We have planned that we will be attending Cinderella’s Castle for lunch on Malia’s birthday! Prior to that she will be made up to be a princess for the day. I’m bracing myself for the high pitched squeals of excitement. I’m also bracing myself for some tantrums. I know they will happen and the happiest place on earth can’t even stop those from happening. I should mention that  I’m not just talking about Malia’s tantrums either…we’ve all been having them lately. And that last statement solidifies the need to get away for some fun!

The hard part is to keep this secret from Malia. I could only imagine the amount of times a day we would be asked, “ are we going to see Mickey today, tomorrow, well wheeeeen, it’s not fair, that’s too long, well if we aren’t going tomorrow then we won’t go EVER!” Yeah, we’ll wait awhile before we tell her.

Keep you posted on the plans and anxiety excitement!


Here we come!

malia-scs-beachyeah, I know it’s been a log time since I’ve posted. Sorry neglected blog. I will definately try to catch up and summarize the summer. Plus, I need to update Malia’s newsletters before she’s 5! But this is a must post…we are going to Disney World for Malia’s 4th birthday! The tickets have been bought and we need to finish up the accommodations. I just can’t believe it. HOLY SHIT!

We haven’t been on a vacation since our honeymoon…which was in fact Disney. Now we will return there with a child of our own. I can’t wait to tell Malia but we’d better wait awhile or else she’ll be asking every minute if it is time to go see Mickey. The tricky part will be having money to spend. But we have a little time to save and cash in our coins! Malia is at a right age and her imagination is definately ready for it. I just have to make sure I have the Xanax for the flight. I get anxious just thinking about it. But I’ll be alright…2.5 hours will be nothing at all. So, until next time…Disney, here we come!