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Sweet procrastination

Bedtime…bedtime…bedtime. Books, a Peter Pan story and then a talk about the day. Slowly but surely Malia’s been adding little things that add just a little extra time. “more tooth paste please, I need a mirror, I’m hungry, I need socks…”

I try to have patience and just go with the flow so that bedtime is peaceful and no one goes to bed upset. Lastnight she was interupting a lot, did I say a lot? I meant A LOT while the story was going on and I really had to ask the keeper of patience for more patience. I guess I only got a little patience because I did get a bit snippy.  Then I stopped and reminded myself that there will be a time when she won’t want a story or to talk about the day and I’ll miss the interuptions. I’ll miss telling the same stories over and over again. I’ll miss talking like Captian Hook. So I’ll enjoy bedtime now because one day I might be lucky to even get a goodnight kiss.  I finally finished her story, talked about the day, and talked about the carnival. When I leaned in to kiss her goodnight,  she reached out to hug me and said this…

“I just love you so much and I  don’t ever want to let you go. I just want to keep you right  here with me always. I want to be with you all the time. I love you.”

It was the best thing I had heard all day. It reminded me what it’s all about. I wished I could just stop time and stay there with her cuddled into me.

Then she went on with her reminder, “and remember, I want milk and granola bars in the morning and coffee…but not the coffee…and remember to check everything and protect me.”

Then in my best Captain Hook voice I said, “Goodnight Smee.” (That’s who she was pretending to be. ) and she replied, “Goodnight Captain Hook.”

Sometimes if you listen long enough, you’ll hear exactly what you wanted to hear.


Mother’s Day

malia-mommaHappy Mother’s Day! The day was great. Not much different from any other day spent with Doug and Malia besides getting cards and a nice outfit. Malia says that I should wear dresses and skirts more. Sometimes she just wants me to put on one of my “fancy” dresses so she’s not the only one dressing up. Usually she settles for me wrapping a blanket around myself.  So, doug decided that would be a good gift. They bought me I nice skirt and a summer top to match. Mostly green because “it’s your favorite color!” It’s very pretty and I can’t wait to wear it. Malia was upset though because she couldn’t find a heart shaped box of chocolates. Why don’t they sell those besides at Valentine’s day? She was upset about it when she went to bed for crying out loud! Other than that we went to have ice cream at Mastro’s Ice Cream Parlor. We all got sundaes and they were huge and delicious! Then Malia and I went to the playground, made cupcakes and then we ate some huge, tender, mouth watering steaks! Wow, it was good. It was a very nice day spent with the family. Many thanks to Doug and Malia! Without you guys, I wouldn’t be the most awesome mom in the universe!


“I have an idea…”

I mentioned in the “No David!” post that Malia wanted to go to the playground again yesterday. Well, after her nap we were talking about going and this is how our conversation went:

Malia: “Can we go to the playground?”

Me: “Sure.”

Malia: “What if David is there? Is he there?”

Even though I was really hoping he would not be there. I wasn’t in the mood to fight with David or see the snot running out of his nose again. But I put a smile on my face and said the nice thing.

Me: “It’s ok if he’s there. Maybe he’ll play nice today. Do you want to go?” 

Malia (as she’s  scratching her forehead and really thinking about something) : “Oh, I have an idea…we can tie a rope around his waist!”

Me: “Do you think that will help? Then what do we do with the other end of the rope?” Curiously awaiting the answer, but a little afraid…

Malia: “I don’t know, maybe we can try it.”

I didn’t push the subject and that was the end of that discussion. I was wondering if she got the idea from Peter Pan when the Indians captured the lost boys and had them tied together and walking in a line back to the Jolly Roger. Yes I know, it all leads back to Peter Pan.

She went to the playground with Doug and David was not there.


No David!

The school playground, what a wonderful experience. We live right across the street from the elementary school and every now and then Malia likes to go there to play at the playground. The equipment is probably not the safest for the little ones, but they have swings and slides and we survived growing up and playing on it. So yesterday we ventured over there. The latch key kids (that’s what they called themselves) were out playing and Malia spotted a girl and asked if she could go and say hello.  She is very social and I love to watch her meeting and interacting with other children.

So, right away she says, “Hi, what’s your name?”

The girl replies, “Jordan, would you like to play with me.?”

Then from behind a boy is running and Jordan quickly turns around to block him as he pushes her.

Jordan: “Don’t play with David. He’s a bad boy and pushes.”

Malia looks concerned, yet has a smirk on her face because Jordan just said “bad boy.”

Jordan: “Would you like to meet my friend?”

Malia: “Yes, I would love to.”

Now this cracks me up because what 3 1/2 year old do you hear saying I’d love to.  So Jordan introduces her to Maria and David is circling the girls. I find out that they are all about 5 years old. They decide to pick flowers and give them all to me. Very sweet. I sat on a nearby bench and let Malia go witht he girls. It was strange because I haven’t really done that much. Only with the neighbor who’s close in age or friends. Anyways, she’s looking over at me for assurance and just so excited to be playing with other girls. Then here comes David. Malia has an eye on him and then deccides it’s time to come back to me. Then we all go on other things as David keeps making an appearance. So we make our way to the tire swing. Malia does NOT want to go on that but watches the other girls. On our way, David starts to push ME around. Well, I don’t really know what to do. Oh - I should probably mention that I think he might be a little mentally impaired. So I’m being careful of what to say to Malia when she asks, “Why doesn’t he listen? Why does he push? What is wrong with him!” So then he goes for Malia - she dodges him and I’m trying to hold him back as much as I can without really touching him because I don’t want to get in trouble for touching someone else’s child. He is very strong. I guess it was more like a bunch of quick blocks. (Gosh, I didn’t know kickboxing training would come in handy for a 5 year old on the playground. But it did.) Finally a latch key aid comes and gives David a talking to. He continues to get in trouble and is now pushing the girls around on the tire swing. All we hear is, “No David! No David!” No David!”

Malia and I decide to go on the swings. I’m pushing her and of course she is Peter Pan and I’m pretending to be Captain Hook. I’m waiting for the day when I just break out into Captian Hook in public without Malia being around. That would be interesting.

Now I see something very entertaining. There is a very tall asian girl running around like crazy. At first I didn’t know she was playing with other girls who were hiding. She keeps running by us in front of the swings - then she speaks. ..Her voice was a mix of Howard Cosell and a cartoon villian. Malia just looks at me and says, “That girl is funny!” She doesn’t even know how funny it really was to me. It was the strangest thing I’ve seen in awhile. And everytime she would come by Malia would say, “Here she comes, I hope she talks again!” And she would. Then from nowhere, David appears behind me and is trying to push Malia on the swing (or off it). I’m trying to hold this strong kid back and explain that I will just push her and he can go on another swing. Well that was just an invitation for him to start pushing me. Malia’s yelling, “No David!”, I’m yelling, “No David!” and then we went home.

Malia had questions about David all the way home and then followed it up, “He’s not so bad.” So I was glad that she thought that after our playground experience. Although she told Doug about him the minute he pulled up. It’s always interesting on the playground and I hope David is doing good. I don’t like to hear anyone get yelled at as much as he did today.

Malia wants to go to the playground after her nap today…


I’m here…

dsc03526Hey - it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. It’s been busy around the house. Well, doug has been busy doing some home improvements and I’ve been busy keeping Malia occupied. Right now a neighbor is busy with a loud garden tiller or something and it’s hard to concentrate. Doesn’t he know it’s nap and blog time? I’ll send him a memo tomorrow.

Well this weekend Doug and our neighbor (not the noisy one) replaced some deck boards on our deck. Some were just rotten and others were just terrible. When to restain? Soon I hope. Then we can get the new canopy up and start enjoying the deck and nicer weather.

Well, in other news, the swine flu is hanging around and I’m trying not to worry about it. I’m just trying to make sure Malia and everyone is well rested and keeping our immunities up. I don’t like to worry about every bird, pig, lizard flu out there, but when the news is reporting on all of this, what can you do? Just take precautions I suppose and don’t kiss any pigs or strangers. I guess that’s a rule you should live by anyways.

This Sunday is Mother’s day. What to do,what to do? All I want is to spend time with my family. Maybe  a bike ride or a walk? We’ll see how the weather is and go from there. It’s a week away. Wow, I can hear myself think again…the neighbor is quiet. Speaking of quiet - I’m going to go rest before Malia wakes up and then it’s time for ponies, blocks, books and snacks - probably all at the same time again. And she did mention play-doh. Hopefully we will get outside before I have to go kickboxing.