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“Good drugs.”

About a month back Malia & I found a pamphlet that said, “Don’t do drugs.” It went on to list the reasons of why you shouldn’t do drugs. My favorite being “it makes you unattractive.” Well, ofcourse Malia asked what it said and I figured I’d read it to her since it’s never too early to talk to your children about drugs…so they say. She replied with, “I will never do drugs.”

A few weeks later at bedtime we had a conversation that went like this…

Malia: “Mom, remeber that pamphlet that said don’t use drugs?”

Me: “Yes.”

Malia: “Why?”

So I told her and also repeated what I could remember about the pamphlet, still stunned that she used the word pamphlet, and hoped that it would be the end of it.

Malia: “We need some good drugs, where are all of the good drugs?”

I thought that there were probably quite a few people wondering the same thing at that moment. But I explained about drugs and doctors prescribing drugs and then I realized that this just must be a procrastination ploy, so I tried to wrap it up. I couldn’t believe I was actually discussing this at 9:25 at night with my 3 year old. She has a way of getting you into these crazy discussions.

Malia: “We should write a letter.”

Me: “What would it say?”

Malia: “Dear Baby - We have some good drugs. You should come over and have them with us. Is that a good idea?”

I couldn’t help but laugh and tell her that was a good letter. I really didn’t want to get on the topic of  Stranger Danger next.

Malia: “We’ll write the letter tomorrow.”