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Go Mom!

I wanted to post to say that this Friday is my mom’s last radiation treatment. She’s been great going to 2 treatments a day. So she gets to ring the bell in the treatment center when she’s finished. Unfortunately we won’t be there to see or hear it, but I will be thinking of her and hopefully we can find a bell to ring for her too. She’s doing an amazing job of fighting and hanging in there. I’m very proud of her!


Helloooooo Disney!

One day to go…we leave bright and early tomorrow morning. Malia is very excited! I am too as a matter of fact. I’m finishing up packing and then I have last minute stuff to clean up and then I take my mom to treatment. Wow, I have not sat down for more than a half hour in weeks it seems. A vacation will be good for the soul! See you soon! Oh - and next time I get a chance to write on this blog - I will be a mother of a FOUR year old!