Thank you Mom…

Well I’m getting by. I’m sad and I have good days and bad days. I’ve wanted to write more often, but this month has been filled with a virus for Malia, pink eye and sinus infections. So, I’ve had little time.

I wanted to post this picture I took yesterday…this rose bush was planted last summer and sprouted a few roses, but hasn’t in quite sometime. It was the first flurry of December and it was a bout 34 degrees yesterday and windy. I walked outside and saw this rose bud. I thought to myself, “Hi Mom!” I believe that she was coming to say Hello through this rose and to let me know that she is alright. who knows what’s true, but I know what I chose to believe. It was a hectic day and it was nice to see this little rose bud and I felt her with me. Thank you Mom. I love and miss you greatly!


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