Newsletter: 42 months

malia-3-bwMalia ~ Today you are 42 months old! I cannot believe it! Just yesterday you were in your bouncy seat and scooting around the house. Now you are talking non stop, forming your own opinions, ideas and filled with imagination. You are so curious and want to know everything. I just love it. I just wish I would have been blogging since you were born so I could’ve had all of this wonderful change documented, but better late than never and I will go back and document what I do remember…

Anyways, your favorite movie right now is Peter Pan and Return to Neverland. The day pretty much starts and ends with me playing the part of Captain Hook. Although at bedtime I have to say, “Goodnight Captain Hook” to you. And then you’ll reply with a goodnight and an I love you and then a list of “demands” for the morning…milk, pancakes, granola bar, buns and my favorite…poop.  You are a very silly girl. You also have a wonderful vocabulary for a three year old. Oops, I mean 3 1/2 year old.  Let’s see…frustrating, frustrated, excited, confused, surprised, imagination, struggle, struggling, resist, furious (”was Peter Pan furious with Captain Hook?”), scrumtious and many more that I can’t even recall right now. You surprise me everyday in some way or another.

Malia, one day you will hopefully read this and I want you to know that you are truly a great little girl. I will call you a little girl in this newsletter because we all know that you are a “big girl” and will not let us get away with calling you a little girl. Sure you have your moods and you like things the way you like them (I don’t know where you get that from), but you are a kind, funny and even witty little girl. You even have nice manners! Wow!  I guess I’m still amazed at the little person your father and I created. I can say that being a parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but watching you develop and grow into who you are now is well worth the hard work. I’ll have to remind myself of that tonight when you’re procrastinating bedtime.

Just remember that I always love to be with you, play with you and talk to you. At 3 1/2 you have more figured out than most adults. You are smart! Happy 3 1/2 Birthday my love…you are finally 3 1/2 and big like the other kids. I love you!


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